Strange photos of playing cats

Posted on Sun 18 April 2021 in cats

(Looks like Hugo supports emojis: I use them below.)

Eating cat grass

Getting ready to bite the grass

The cat is bad at getting the grass in its mouth, so it opens it as big as possible and lunges at it.

Munch munch tasty grass

When they have grass in their mouths they masticate very noisily. :drooling_face:

Playing with the yellow floof

Standing cat with oddly concentrated face

This cat has a habit of scrunching its face together sometimes.

Bending backwards to catch the toy

This cat is also very long. It sometimes contorts itself backwards to catch toys.

Cat saves time by keeping its mouth open

When it's really into the game, it just forgets to close its mouth.

Could this be my new icon? :smiling_face_with_hearts:


Angry at a piece of plastic

Vampire teeth!

Not sure why but only sometimes are the cats' canines visible like this. Makes them seem evil. :vampire:

Feline halitosis

:dragon_face: :heart: