Plants attacked by cats

Posted on Sun 16 August 2020 in plants

Past work

My first adventures in cat grass growing came to its natural end.

My cats ate it.

I had moved the grass to the window since the plants had gotten too tall for the small lamp. I had also added a small fan to make them sway in the breeze, which is supposed to exercise them and make them tougher.

I was able to keep the container there for most of the week, but the cats eventually discovered it! They were obsessed with gobbling it all up. (Probably because they were afraid the other would eat it first.)

Cat attack!

They only seem to enjoy the blades and not the stems. This leaves a few centimeters of the plants above the ground. I'll see if any are able to recover.

Here is a close-up of a cut grass blade. It looks to me like crushed areas are a darker green, while the clean cuts become dry and yellowed.

Grass damage

Sometimes the cats will get most of it in their mouths and will start chewing. If they don't manage to break it off, it'll just stay slimy like the photo below. There will also be some leftover trace evidence. (I think I got sick after some of that stuff fell into my tea.)

A clue!

I had wanted to take a close-up of the roots last time. This time they were a little beat-up and one had a small bug. The bug must have come from the potting soil. (I might have dropped some of that dirt into my tea... I was sick last week.)

A small white bug crawls on a root

This week

I need to fix my plant growing setup. With some wood I'll build a structure for the light to come from higher above. I'll raise the plants or the structure with books, as needed. The important thing if for the light to come down directly.

At the store I was able to get a lightbulb receptacle that can plug into a wall outlet. As long as I'm able to secure it (duct tape?), I can position my light source it more freely.

A new stronger bulb with a receptacle