Quinoa-stuffed peppers

Posted on Sun 27 September 2020 in food

Pretty easy to make stuffed peppers

The air fryer was able to roast the outside of the peppers while getting the insides very hot.

Even better: minimal cleanup!


  • Leftover quinoa
  • Large peppers
    • Here we cut the tops off
    • You can slice them in halves, making scoops/boats
  • Salsa to mix into the quinoa
  • Cheese as a topping


  • Prepare the peppers
  • Mix the quinoa with the salsa in a bowl (this is the stuffing)
  • Stuff the peppers
  • Top the stuffed peppers with the cheese
  • Air-fry for
    • 12 minutes at 350F for well-cooked
    • 20 minutes at 550F for nicely roasted
  • Let cool for at least 10 minutes

It's best to leave a lot of room for the air to circulate.

Raw peppers

After 10 minutes things have gotten hot.

After 10 minutes at 350F

After 20 minutes, the peppers have started to roast on the outside. There is a clearer photo below.

After 20 minutes at 350F

You can see how the skin of the pepper has roasted.

Nicely roasted peppers