New cat grass supplies

Posted on Sun 27 September 2020 in plants

The new supplies

I got vermiculite and peat moss from the store. Vermiculite is a very light material that's made by heating a mineral and expanding it. It's used in hydroponics as a growing medium. Peat moss is a growing soil additive that helps retain water (I'm thinking of mixing it with the vermiculite).

The bag of vermiculite sounds like a bag of cat food, so the cats are very interested in it.

Cats investigating vermiculite

The grow lights I got are very similar to the LED spotlights I've been using. They use 8.5W compared to 11W for the previous spotlights.

They look pretty orange rather than the pink I was expecting. These lights may be intended for flowering plants, so it will be interesting to see what they do for the non-flowering cat grass.

The hue of the light

Here is what the box says about its colour spectrum. A lot of the light is reddish.


Cats love the grass

The cats adore the grass. If they hear you cutting some of it, they'll come running and meowing to eat it.

They will even paw at it aggressively. They're usually nice babbys! Why does the grass make them evil?

Cat pawing for the grass

They eat it like an inkjet printer slowly pulls in a sheet of paper. They very loudly chew the grass, and slowly the grass disappears down to their stomachs, step by step.

Cat chewing the grass