My continued eggplant obsession

Posted on Sun 13 September 2020 in food

This week we got two large eggplants. One went into the air fryer and the other into the frying pan.

I think that egplants need humidity to soften and cook. I now wonder how to reliably make good air-fried eggplants. Should I soak the eggplant in marinade?

Air-fried eggplant

Last week the air fryer had made very dry eggplant chips (with chewy skin). This time I cut it into larger 1" cubes.

I air fried the cubes at 350F for 36 minutes, and they unfortunately burned. They may look delicious, but they tasted burnt.

Burnt eggplants

Pan-fried eggplant

This was a recipe with soy sauce, sesame oil, honey, and cayenne pepper flakes. The sauce was only added at the end, after the eggplant had cooked on medium-high for 15 minutes.

I think the extra humidity here is what helped the eggplant to cook better.

Softer fried eggplant