Local kiwi fruits

Posted on Mon 12 September 2022 in food


The "hardy kiwi": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actinidia_arguta

We went to pick these smaller versions of the kiwi fruit at a farm. They're smaller than the usual variety, hairless and green. They grow in clusters on vines, and they're much easier to pick than apples (high up), raspberries (thorns), and strawberries/blueberries (not sure which are ready).

When you cut into them, they look like kiwi fruits.


They taste a lot like the bigger kiwi fruit. I think they're a bit sweeter though, and they remind me a bit of grapes.


The fruits grow on vines. You can see the wooded post the vines are wrapped around.

The fruits grow in clusters so you can pick a bunch at a time.

We picked about a kilo from a few vines.

The fruit is the size of a cherry. Its skin is green.

The inside is like a kiwi fruit.

When ripe the fruit is soft and sweet.

They riped on their own if left in a basket.