I consider growing plants

Posted on Tue 04 August 2020 in plants

Past work

I've had a 5V USB water pump and a soild humidity sensor for years, but I have never used them. I had thought of buying an aquarium to make a large safe test area.

The pump and sensors

This week

I bought a small bag of potting soil and a small bag of catgrass seeds for $4 each. I'm going to start the seeds in the soil and see what happens. I'll use my daylight LED bulb as a light source. No need for special grow lights just yet!

Cat grass seeds

After I've had a bit of practice, I want to try my soil humidity sensor. If that works, I can place the plants' tupperware in a bigger plastic container and start testing the USB pump.

I only want to start automating things once I'm sure the sensor and the pump work well.

Thankfully I still have a timed outlet that I can use to control the light bulb. It should work fine.


Past work

I've written a few things for this website but have stopped.

This week

It's unlikely I'll stick to it, but I've started writing about logical fallacies. I think the work of writing it is good, even if it's not something I finish.

I'd also enjoy writing about Epictetus and Zen, but I'm not sure anyone would find that interesting. At least logical fallacies excite the mind.

Of course, I've also started writing these updates. (EDIT: this one has taken almost exactly one hour to write. Not bad.)

Other things

I've modified the lighting for my electronics bench. I've moved one of the spotlights up to the top of the structure. I found that light was in the way. Light now comes from all directions.

Well-lit lab

How do I find the desk lab? The easy access to the power supply and soldering station is great. The parts drawers are also convenient.

The bad part? The multimeter and its probes take up space and are always a mess.