Dicelot the dicebot

Posted on Sun 13 November 2022 in electronics

Dicelot the Dicebot


It's a Raspberry PI 2b and Pico working together to roll a 6d6. I call it Dicelot because my poor penmanship transforms dicebot into dicelot.

I have all the code on GitHub: https://github.com/sjchiass/dicebot

Neat stuff

  • It generates nearly 60,000 images from 27 originals. Despite the fake data the ML model still works!
  • The Pico is really cool: you can call it with the adafruit-ampy Python package and send it some Python code to run.
  • Tensorflow Lite is an inference-only version of Tensorflow for running smaller models.


A GIF of the robot shaking dice

The robot's guess


Pretty standard stuff

  • A Raspberry Pi
  • A Raspberry Pi Pico with Kitronik robotics board (it has the capacity for 8 servos and 4 motors... I only use one servo)
  • A Raspberry Pi camera with a 12" long cable
  • An old plastic bottle of nori and sesame furikake to hold the dice
  • An old Amazon cardboard box, some wooden sticks and some hotglue
  • Bonus: a miniature 800x480 HDMI screen to make the project portable

Next steps

Well, I might have gotten all the fun out of this that I can. Now that I know how to use the Pico, I'll use it for other projects.

I really want to use Lego Technic pieces for my next project. If I'm careful I probably won't ruin them!

Cat tax

My cat studying the dicebot